Intuitive Readings

Instant Message

$ 15

One Question

$ 39

Two Questions

$ 69

Three Questions

$ 99


It's as EASY as 1..2..3!

1) Make your purchase Choose Instant Message, One, Two or Three Questions using the button below. "Instant Message" is when you want a quick, no frills 1-card reading on a specific issue in your life -- I will pull a card from a deck I'm guided to use (this type of reading does not go into detail -- it is quick and to the point). For more in-depth readings where I also connect with your guardian angels intuitively and receive guidance beyond the cards, choose one of the other three options: "One Question" if you have one issue that needs attention, "Two Questions" if you have two requests, and "Three Questions" if you have multiple areas in your life that require guidance.

2) Email Autumn at with your question(s). Please include in your email as much detail as you want around your question(s) along with your name and order #.

3) Receive your reading within 72 hours of your purchase! You can email me with any follow-up questions you have regarding the reading at no extra charge.

Other than the no frills "instant message" reading, each question you ask includes an in-depth multi-card reading plus intuitive dialogue with your guardian angels and guides. You can ask any questions in the areas you are seeking help with from romance to life purpose to anything else you can think of! I will connect with your angels and guides for specific guidance. I am an intuitive and an empath, and I will use her abilities to hear the messages your angels and guides most want you to receive.

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